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2016-10-07 - NCE Switch-8

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I got an NCE Switch-8 to learn what I can (and cannot) do with it for Randall.

Looking at the electronics on the board… If there’s one thing I like about the NCE electronics, it is that they are not fancy. This is the tech I grew up with and I can look at the board and recognize the components and understand what they do. I hope it will stay like that.

Microproc: PIC16F1936

Pin 1 = Vpp (programing voltage)

Pin 8 = Vss (-)

Pin 20 = Vdd (+)

Power: MCC 7805CT

Front Left to Right : Pin 1 / 2 / 3

Pin 1 = Input / Left

Pin 2 = GND

Pin 3 = Output / Right

On the Switch-8, the large programming header can be used to get the +5 from the 7805.

From top, #2 is the +5 and #3 is the Gnd from 7805 (shared with the GND headers).

NCE AIU01: there's a similar 7805. A +5V can be soldered on the little through-hole just on top of the 7805 on the board. Measures 5V. For a single IR sensor, use a 220 Ω resistor.

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