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2016-08-25 - NCE QSnap and EZTrack #6 Crossovers

Category NCE

Experiment from tonight: control the EZTrack #6 crossovers using the NCE QSnap. ⇒ Failed.

I have 2 EZTrack #6 turnouts mounted in cross-over configuration. The idea was to power them from a single QSnap output to save one output for each cross-over.

The QSnap has no problem driving a single #6. But ever the largest timing I tried does not make the crossover (2 turnouts in parallel) toggle properly. They either bounce or switch half-way.

I also tried using a 9V DC power brick instead of the DCC power. That didn't help. Supposedly that way the turnout should get 9x2-2 = 16 VDC. However from experience I remember I always failed to trigger them in DC, which is why I previously used the AC from the EZTrack ACC power brick.

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